About Us

Ravina Hicks is a Certified Expert, Educator and Realtor with over 10 years experience. She provides sought-after workshops and acclaimed consultations as President/Founder of JOH Enterprises of New York City–providing quality education and consultation services for consumers and businesses.

She is a high-profile radio and internet personality with numerous television appearances, who resolves a plethora of problem areas for her clientele and students-for amazing results via secret methods.

As a well-regarded graduate of the prestigious and respected BTB Feng Shui Professional Training Program. She says that Feng Shui saved her life. Dr. Hicks is one of only a handful of Certified Feng Shui Experts practicing the ancient forms of Black Sect Tantric Buddhism Feng Shui.

After attaining her Doctorate and becoming a successful Licensed New York State Realtor, it became evident that Feng Shui was next for her. With a passion for the art and a strong desire to assist others, she studied extensively with Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, of the Black Sect Feng Shui tradition. She uses Feng Shui to provide effective solutions that restore vitality, creative potential and productivity. Ravina has had extraordinary success advising clients regarding relationships, marriage, careers, and business ventures.