Adirondack Chairs

Cottage Chairs

There are lots of great things that you can have at a cottage, many of them fall into the ‘nice to have but you can do without’ category, but…there are a few that are must haves…These are the things that you cannot do without, yes, I know, you can probably do without almost anything, you are a cottager and camper, used to ‘roughing it’ if you need to…but…there are still things that you could do without, you just don’t want to…does that make sense to you? I got lost in that sentence myself, and I wrote it….duh..

Classic Cottage Chairs

Among the ‘must haves’ is an Adirondack Chair. You simply cannot have a cottage without at least two and hopefully four, of these wonderful chairs. Just look around at all the pictures of classic cottages, and chances are, there will be Adirondack chairs somewhere in the picture. Either on the deck, or down by the water’s edge.

Quite often they find their way out to the wharf, and are a wonderful way to enjoy a cup of coffee on a quiet summer morning. They are durable, comfortable and just look great around the cottage, especially in the wide range of colors that are available today.

These days Adirondack chairs come in many different designs and colors. Take for instance this Adirondack Rocking Chair 

Of course if you’re cottage life means sitting beside your loved one watching the loons fish in the lake, you’ll love this Cottage Classics Adirondack Settee  Just right for two to cuddle up in and watch the sun come up….or go down….

If storage space is an issue around your camp or cottage, a folding Adirondack chair might just be the answer. rocking Adirondack chairs


Unfold it when you need it, fold it back up and tuck it away when you don’t, what more could you ask for? Well, you could also ask for an Adirondack Ottoman to make relaxing in your chair even better….

Of course, rocking Adirondack chairs, and Adirondack settees are nice, but the classic Adirondack chair  will always be a favorite.
My Dad made several of these for our cottage years ago and they are still going strong. Unfortunately Dad’s design was not quite as nice as the ones shown here, but….what the heck, they were handmade by my Father…makes them good enough for me. I love to carry one down from the deck and out on to the wharf on a calm summer morning, cast a worm and bobber into the water, sip a cup of coffee and watch the sun come up over our lake.

So there you go, no cottage is complete without a couple of these chairs. But a couple or make them yourself, but make sure you have a couple set up on your deck or under your favorite shade tree, you never know when company might arrive, who knows it might be me!