Bedroom Layout Feng Shui Tips

Each person are being needs adequate sleep and quality for the sake of health. Unfortunately, not a few people who have trouble sleeping or insomnia every night.

Humans need to sleep at least eight hours a day. Sleep time is when the body regulate metabolism back, and regenerate to replace cells that die.

Lack of sleep not only causes body lethargic and creates dark circles under the eyes. Research shows that lack of sleep also causes weight gain, inhibit the overall health, including shorten one’s lifespan.

One way to get that deep sleep is to extinguish the lights and go to bed early. In addition, the atmosphere of the bedroom, also affected our ability to sleep.

Ceiling Fan

The fan in the bedroom ceiling can act as a lullaby. White noise created by the rotating fan, and it produces a soft breeze can help you sleep more soundly. For allergy sufferers, looking for the fan model of the blade coated Nano particles to prevent accumulation of dust.

Color wall

Tuscan yellow could be the perfect hue to brighten the entrance. But, the colors are not the ideal choice for getting to sleep soundly. In contrast, muted colors of blue, green, or purple is a better choice.

Light sleep

There are people who choose to read a book before bed to get sleep. Problems arise if you share a room with others, and one party demanding turn off the lights while others still want to read. To avoid arguments, find the neck reading light with a telescope, which will shine the light directly to the books read and not to the eye.

Water purifier

Dust, pollen, and pet dander can trigger allergic reactions that cause sinus and asthma problems. All the problems that led to interfere with restful sleep. To fix this, install the water purifier in the bedroom, which serves to filter common bedroom allergens from the air and clear it.