Decorating Your Home? Here is a Truly Unique Decor Idea

So, you are feeling like your home could use a new look but you just don’t know where to start.

My advice is to start at the beginning. Huh??? What do I mean start at the beginning. When it comes time to decorate your home it can be a daunting task to figure out where to start.

You are decorating your home to create a feeling of happiness and pride. What decorating boils down to is making you feel good. When I say, start your decorating at the beginning, I mean start at the entrance. The first thing you and visitors to your home see is the front door.

Removing Clutter from Rooms

Start your decorating at the entrance of your home and work your way back. If the entrance (interior and exterior) and less than pleasing your efforts to decorate anywhere else could be in vain as your mood will be impacted from the moment you enter.

Start by planning a “feeling” you want your home to project. Southwest decor, country, or maybe ultra-contemporary, essentially decide on the theme of your home and then start decorating at the front door, yes the exterior. This is what you see first.

Exterior Decorating

When you have nicely decorating the exterior entrance, begin work on decorating the interior entrance to your home. Before you begin any decorating on the interior entrance, start by removing clutter. Are there mounds of shoes stacked haphazardly or coats strewn about?

Start by finding ways to eliminate the clutter from your entrance and then add the decorative touches after. Clutter removal may save you money on decorating as you may find yourself saying: “Hey, this looks great once the clutter is removed”.

I do quite a bit of travel in my business and while on the road I was reading the Home and Garden section of the Charlotte Observer newspaper and read one of the most interesting and unique home decorating ideas I have ever seen, Ladders as a decorative and functional accessory.

More Clever Decorating Ideas

Ideas such as use a ladder to hold towels, magazines and various other household items. Hey, why not consider trying a ladder to be a functional and decorative piece in your home.

You may want to consider spray painting to fit in with your home color scheme. Use some imagination, maybe a basket that could hang from the rungs of the ladder. I haven’t tried this but I do know the possibilities are there. Well, I am off to find other interesting decorating ideas with you.

Maybe next posting will be a little more traditional.