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Here’s a Proposal describing my Feng Shui services:

Working with your personal and professional needs, along with design preferences, the consultation will highlight and resolve problem areas of the home and/or business, providing effective solutions for reaching your goals. We provide the following services:

  • Analysis of your space and possible effects on its occupants.
  • Remedies for unsupported energies and for enhancing supportive energies.
  • Remedies for structural imbalances.
  • Symbolic remedies to enhance specific areas of your life, as they relate to specific corners.

During the on-site consultation the environment, both inside and outside, is evaluated and certain recommendations are made at that time regarding adjustments and remedies. Prior to the on-site consultation appointment complex preparations are necessary off site, based on all pertinent information that you have provided, which will facilitate the Feng Shui analysis.

Following the Feng Shui consultation, I will be available to answer questions you may have. A follow-up call will be made within a few days to check your progress.

On-site Residential and Business Feng Shui Consultation

Provide the following information prior to the consultation:

  1. Client’s name, address, telephone number, email address–(optional).
  2. Birth information–birth date, birthplace, birth time-if possible. This birth information is needed to conduct your consultation.
  3. Also list the name(s), gender(s) and relationships of any other people sharing the space, include birthdate(s)–including birth time(s)-if possible.
  4. Hand-drawn or rough sketch of home or business floor plan(s). Include all rooms, directional points, doors, windows, furnishings and fixtures.
  5. Briefly describe what you want Feng Shui to help you with in your life. (Example: Wealth, Love, Health, etc.)
  6. List any unusual exterior structure worth mentioning, (e.g. a swimming pool, obstructed views, power lines, mountains and rivers views.)

Next, how to schedule an On-site Feng Shui Consultation.

When you are able to provide this information contact our office. We will provide you our fax number. After we have reviewed your information we will contact you to set up an appointment. With respect to your privacy, all information shared during your consultation is kept in strictest confidence.

If you live or work out of town–off-site consultations are available upon request. My on-site consultation fees are:

Homes & Apartments Start at $250 per hour

Commercial Space Starts at $450 per hour (for larger spaces–20,000 sq.ft. or more, starting at .54 per sq.ft.)

(Based on size of space and amount of work needed.)

For those who can not afford a complete consultation there are two other options:

You’re welcome to take one or more of my classes.

Or, our Site-Visit Program–receive a consultation at a reduced rate in exchange for having your space evaluated by Dr. Janet and her students.

For Other Feng Shui Services (click here)

Interested in having your home or business evaluated? Contact our office today at 212-946-1102. If sending via E-mail: include your name and phone number. Serious inquiries that do not include this information will not be considered.

Off-site Residential and Business Feng Shui Consultation

If you reside outside the New York City area, and would like a Feng Shui consultation of your home or business–this can be arranged.

Contact our office for details today!

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